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Your Christmas Gifts Sponsor 10 Children

Your Christmas Gifts Sponsor 10 Children
Jenny Earl - Mon Dec 31, 2012 @ 03:02AM
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Thank you so much to the many wonderful people who chose to honor a friend or family member through a monetary donation for Christmas 2012. 77 honorees are now listed here. We invite you to check out the list. There might be someone you know! The total amount donated was $1,463.00. Meals 'til Monday pays $3.50 per sack of food for each child each weekend, so this amount will purchase 418 sacks. $140 sponsors a student for an entire school year, which means 10 students are sponsored through this fundraiser, with some money left over. We think that is a great Christmas gift! We're grateful for those who gave this unique gift this year and for the way it will benefit local elementary students.

Even though this fundraiser is complete, we welcome donations all year long. For information on giving to Meals 'til Monday, please visit this page of our website.

Comments: 8


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