Meals 'til Monday

because hunger doesn't take the weekend off

The Recipients

Schools Receiving Meals

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"Imagine if you were faced with the situation where you didn't know when you would be eating next... would you be very interested in learning to multiply numbers if your stomach was growling and you didn't know when it would be filled?...We've seen that when our students feel secure that things will be calm and "normal" at home and their needs are provided for, they are better able to concentrate on their academic tasks."
Jessica Hays, Elida Elementary Social Worker




"Today has been AWESOME!! When our food delivery people walked into the school with the containers, they were so happy to be a part of the BIG DAY!! The students were very excited,too! I had around ten students ask me when they were going to get their food. The teachers are distributing food to the students in their classrooms during their specials/planning period. The process has been so smooth and easy!!"
Dr. Mary Iames, Perry Elementary Guidance Counselor




"There is no doubt that children are coming to school hungry. This is not a problem that is isolated in certain areas. We all have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which makes students concentrate and gain significant knowledge throughout the school day. In reality, every meal is important! When a child is lacking enough to eat or proper nutrition, a child becomes extremely distracted, unable to focus, and then possibly becomes a "behavior" problem within the classroom. Children who are fed have the best opportunity to reach his/her fullest potential."
Chris Renner, Bath Elementary Principal




Thanks to a one year grant from the Toledo Community Foundation, we were able to add Franklin Elementary School to our list of recipients. Franklin is part of the Delphos Jefferson School system.  Thank you to all who have aided us in our efforts as we seek to reduce hunger among local students. 





Meals 'til Monday reaches to the east side of Allen County as we add Allen East Elementary students to our list of recipients. Again the Toledo Community Foundation one year grant has helped fund this expansion, and we are grateful for their support.

"One thing my principal and I have noticed in the first few weeks of MTM is how thankful and appreciative our recipients are. Most all of them add a "thank you" when we place the food sack in their book bags. We've discovered that these children are some of the nicest students here! What a fantastic outreach you have!!!"
Steve Smith, Allen East Guidance Counselor




The addition Cridersville Elementary School was also made possible by a grant from the Toledo Community Foundation. This expansion took MTM into Auglaize County.

"When Kami and I first heard about Meals 'til Monday we were excited to see how God was using people to help kids. We knew that this was a program that we wanted to be involved in, and we were sure that it could benefit the young people in our school district."
Aaron Rex, Wapakoneta City Schools High School Principal



"I feel very fortunate that our teaching staff and members of our community have supported the Meals 'til Monday program. After the first week, we sent home three meals, the next week the number had doubled, and by the third week the number was more than twenty...I was confirmed that this program is going to bless many families in Spencerville."
Brooke Zerbe, Spencerville Elementary Teacher






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